Our Physiotherapists

All our Physical Therapists are registered in the BIG register, the Physiotherapy Quality Mark and, if applicable, in the specializations sub-register. This way we meet the quality requirements as set by the Keurmerk Fysiotherapie. We invest in the training of our physiotherapists. This is evident in the large number of specializations and areas of focus within our practice.



Physiotherapy Gelderlandplein has the predicate PlusPraktijk.

As “PlusPraktijk” you not only meet all the quality requirements of your own professional association, but you go a step further. The Plus Audit offers practices the possibility to distinguish themselves in the area of ​​quality assurance and efficiency. The quality requirements include the expertise of the physiotherapists, the result of customer satisfaction surveys, a standard procedure for reporting and recording complaints and the number of treatments for a specific physical complaint. Other advantages of PlusPraktijk are accessibility, opening hours and waiting time.


Patient Satisfaction

We strive to be a practice that is constantly on the move. Where possible, we want to safeguard and improve our quality. By using an improvement standard, we can translate your comments into action points.

How you experience the quality of our practice is the most important thing, because that is what it is all about. To make this transparent, we use the patient experience research Paramedics. This is set up for us and monitored by MediQuest. At the end of the treatment, if you give permission, you will be invited via an e-mail message to complete a questionnaire online. All data is processed anonymously by MediQuest and fed back to us in a secure environment.

As a practice, we are connected to various quality networks such as:

Rugpijnnetwerk Amsterdam, Traumanet VUmc, Claudicationet, LoRNA en CVA netwerk Amsterdam.

Thanks to these networks we can provide good specialist care for these ailments and we have close contact with the relevant doctors / specialists.