Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatrie fysiotherapie

People who grow older and see the mobility of their body usually come into contact with the physiotherapist for the elderly (geriatric physiotherapist ).

The geriatrics physiotherapist specializes in the care of frail elderly and clients / patients with a high (biological) age who have to deal with complex health problems.

This not only concerns the elderly, but also patients who, for example, have a history of symptoms due to a stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or a broken hip. This physiotherapist works from his specific knowledge about the target group and the associated syndromes.

The patients mainly do exercise therapy, aimed at regaining and dealing with loss of mobility and independence.

The work of the geriatrics physiotherapist also includes advising and supervising family members and caregivers, including the clinical picture, prognosis, treatment, transfers, daily activities and medical aids.

Sanne Elstgeest

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