McKenzie Therapy

McKenzie therapy

McKenzie MDT is the acronym for Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment. It is a widely used research and treatment method for people with musculoskeletal complaints. McKenzie MDT is known for its excellent results in back and neck complaints with or without radiation to the limbs. Moreover, this method also gives good results when treating the other joints, such as shoulders and hips. The aim of the method is not only to make the complaints disappear as quickly as possible, but also to ensure that the complaints return as little as possible in the future. McKenzie Therapy</ strong> is a clearly defined treatment system based on scientific research.



complaints to the musculoskeletal system


back and neck pain


The path you go through with your McKenzie MDT therapist begins with a thorough, protocol-based study. During an interview, the complaints are mapped, after which a physical examination takes place. In the movement research, the mechanical influence on the existing phenomena is examined with repeated movements. We examine which movements or postures exacerbate the symptoms and with which movements or postures the symptoms can be reduced. After the examination, your therapist will be able to clearly indicate whether your complaint is suitable for treatment with McKenzie MDT.

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After a clear mechanical diagnosis, treatment starts with your ‘self-reliance’. With just a few simple exercises you will learn to improve your symptoms yourself to speed up your recovery as much as possible. In addition, attention will be paid to the postures and movements during your daily life. The therapist can optionally supplement the therapy with, among other things, manual techniques, such as mobilisations and / or manipulations.

Why McKenzie instead of regular physical therapy?

McKenzie MDT is currently the world’s most researched and best documented treatment method for mechanical musculoskeletal complaints, in particular neck and back complaints. The insights are used in many international guidelines for manual and exercise therapy. The therapists listed in the McKenzie MDT register have followed all course units for 2.5 years and have successfully proven their knowledge in a theoretical and practical exam. They will examine and treat you according to the well-established principles of McKenzie MDT. In addition, they are obliged to take part in regular training and further training.

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