Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Hartel offers treatment, counseling, and advice to adults and the elderly in Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam West. This usually happens at the location where you need the adjustments, for example at home or at work.

If you can no longer perform one or more activities due to physical and / or psychological complaints, this often affects how you function in your daily life. The occupational therapist helps you by training, advising or by requesting medical aids / facilities. The occupational therapist focuses on the daily activities in the area of:

  • Self-reliance: mobility, care, communication, social contacts, administration etc.
  • Work, school, study
  • Leisure, relaxation, daytime activities

Ergotherapie Hartel works together with you to asses your abilities so that you can continue to function as independently as possible.

Insurance Reimbursement Occupational Therapy:

From the basic insurance covers up to 10 hours of home occupational therapy per year. We will send the bill directly to your health insurer.

If you have not yet used up your deductible, then the treatment will be deducted first from this.

Occupational Therapists
Sophie Hartel
Barbara Bruckwilder
Wineke Koolstra
Mariella Beverhoud