Our team

Maarten Melief, MSc

Maarten Melief is a physiotherapist, manual therapistand movement scientist. In addition, he has obtained Mckenzie A and B certificates with the Mckenzie Institute Benelux . He mainly treats people with spine related complaints and shoulder complaints .

Maarten has specialized in this in order to better treat people with scoliosis. He has been registered since 2016 Schroth Best Practice Therapist , an enormous addition to the treatment of (idiopathic) scoliosis .

Maarten is affiliated with the following networks:

  • back network , this is a quality network focused on better care for people with spine-related pain.
  • Amsterdam shoulder network, this is a quality network for specialized manual therapists focused on the best possible shoulder care.

Thanks to an active sports history, he has a great affinity with the rehabilitation of athletes.

BIG number: 89909583604

Robert Vlek, MSc

Robert Vlek is a physiotherapist and manual therapist (MSc). He specializes in spine-related complaints and (post-operative) shoulder complaints. He is also a dry needling specialist.

Robert also treats patients with scoliosis. For this he has specialized in the so-called Schroth method. Through intensive cooperation with, among others, the OLVG, Robert can help people with scoliosis in a targeted manner.
Robert is affiliated with the following networks:
• Back network, this is a quality network aimed at better care for people with spinal pain.
• Trauma rehabilitation VUmc

Robert works as a manual therapist on Wednesday mornings at the Cancer Care Center at the location on the Bosbaan . Here he mainly treats (former) cancer patients.

BIG number: 19914554604

Bouke Hepkema, MSc

Bouke Hepkema is physiotherapist , manual therapist and sports scientist . During his studies in movement sciences, he specialized in exercise physiology.

He also works in the VUmc (Amsterdam UMC) hospital in orthopedics , traumatology and vascular surgery team. As a result, he has a lot of experience in post-operative and post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Bouke is affiliated with the following network:
– Trauma rehabilitation VUmc.

BIG number: 89918387904

Sanne Elstgeest

Sanne Elstgeest is a physiotherapist and geriatric physiotherapist. She has gained a lot of experience in geriatric rehabilitation, which she now uses in private practice.

Sanne specializes in the field of CVA (stroke) and acquired brain injury and is very experienced and skilled in the treatment thereof. In addition, she has specialized within the practice for the treatment of people with COPD and other lung problems. She often works with the elderly target group, both at the practice and at home, depending on your request for help and possibilities.

Through collaboration and short lines of communication with other disciplines such as general practitioners, home care, occupational therapy and speech therapy, you can look at your request for help in a multidisciplinary and broad way.

Sanne is affiliated with the following network:
• Amsterdam CVA network

BIG number: 39909354104

Lieneke Eeken, MSc

Lieneke Eeken is a general physiotherapist and geriatric physiotherapist. She works with the elderly target group, often at home. Lieneke sees people with acquired brain damage, complaints related to general old age and rehabilitates the elderly after an orthopedic intervention . In addition, Lieneke provides fall prevention training from SafetyNL: ‘InBalans’. She regularly participates in scientific studies related to fall prevention.

Lieneke has experience in geriatric rehabilitation and has taken this experience to private practice to implement collaboration between different disciplines.

Lieneke is affiliated with the following networks:

  • Chronic Zorgnet (window legs/intermittent claudication)
  • Falling, Breaking and Osteoporosis
  • Geriatrics network North Holland
  • Fall prevention network Amsterdam

BIG number: 59923200004

Rachèl Ozinga

Rachèl Ozinga is a physiotherapist and is following a master’s degree in Psychosomatic Physiotherapist . She specializes in treating long-term (chronic) pain and fatigue and providing lung physiotherapy for diagnoses such as COPD, hyperventilation and Lung Covid. During the treatment an integral approach is central, in which attention is paid to different living areas.

Rachèl is affiliated with the following network:

  • Lung Rehabilitation Network Amsterdam (LoRNA) a network of affiliated physiotherapists and remedial therapists especially for patients with lung problems.

She also works with Reade ‘s pain rehabilitation team and uses a multidisciplinary approach within the practice, together with general practitioners, dieticians, speech therapists, POHs and psychologists.

On Thursday evening from 18.30-19.00 she will be present at the Wijenburg 90A (Anytime Fitness) for a free walk-in consultation hour.

BIG number: 89924267204

Caitlin van Essen

Caitlin van Essen is a physiotherapist and is following a master’s degree in geriatric physiotherapist. She deals with general complaints in practice. She also sees many elderly people. Physiotherapy at home is possible.

Caitlin also offers fall prevention training .

During the treatment, a personal approach is central, with attention for the complaint and the patient as a whole.

BIG number: 929923476904

Laura Bergstra

Laura Bergstra works full-time with us as a physiotherapist. She has experience in both private practice and rehabilitation. Within her practice she focuses on general physiotherapy. She also treats post- operative and post-traumatic patients and has a great affinity with the rehabilitation of athletes .

Laura is affiliated with the following network:

  • Trauma Rehabilitation VUmc

BIG-number: 99929430204

Marten Elzinga

Since February 2022, Marten has been working at the Gelderlandplein medical center as a Manual and Orofacial Therapist.

Physiotherapist since 2009 (Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen). Manual therapist since 2014 (SOMT Amersfoort). In this capacity he deals with complex back, neck and shoulder complaints. Orofacial physiotherapist since 2019 (HAN Nijmegen). This is often an unknown specialization within physiotherapy. Marten deals with complaints in the head and neck area such as:

  • Jaw complaints
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • facial paralysis
  • Tinnitus
  • facial pain

These specializations complement each other well as these complaints often occur together. While coaching, he tries to find the right solution together with the patient.
He is also a Dry Needling specialist .

BIG number: 99911083304

Laura Németh

Laura Németh is a physiotherapist, graduated from the European School for Physiotherapy in Amsterdam. She is a general physiotherapist with a focus on the treatment of scoliosis . For this she specialized in the Schroth therapy , a specific evidence-based method to properly treat scoliosis in children, teenagers and adults.
She also has experience treating children in hospital and elderly people in neurorehabilitation in Switzerland, where she comes from. She is also a certified yoga teacher. She likes to work with stress-related complaints, using a holistic approach aimed at restoring body awareness.

BIG number: 19930456704

Lindsy Krop

Cindy Nieuwenhuijs

Cindy is an administrative assistant and is available every Tuesday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 14:00.

Saskia Dorhout Mees

Saskia Dorhout Mees is an independently established dietician ( Salu dietician ) and works at various locations, including at the Medisch Centrum Gelderlandplein.

She also specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for dieticians and positive psychology . She looks further than just nutrition and makes tailor-made nutritional and lifestyle advice for you.

You can contact Saskia for appropriate advice for the following conditions: Diabetes Mellitus, high blood pressure (hypertension), stomach and intestinal complaints, underweight, overweight (also for children), sleep apnea, eating problems, vegetarian nutrition, allergies or intolerances, pregnancy and high cholesterol (hypercholesterolaemia).

Sophie Hartel